What to consider:

  • A city needs a varied number of sights & landmarks to accommodate a full 26 mile Trekathon. It’s as much about sightseeing, as it is about trekking.
    However you could organise a quarter or half Trekathon
  • For cities that are ‘off the beaten track’…
    it may need to be an idea you offer ‘fit’ visitors a Trekathon, once arrived.
    Rather than try to attract groups to come just for a Trekathon
  • The city & rural areas need to be safe to wander, even at night.
    As an individual trekker might wish to ‘go it alone’, take a slower pace if tired and may take time to reach their destination.
  • It helps if ‘good causes’ can benefit from a Trekathon, allowing charities in a city to encourage & promote the uptake